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December 22, 2010
First of all, I love to write. It’s one of my passions. I write something every few days, whether it’s a blog post, a poem, or an article. But I also love doing
A LOT of other things.
For example, I love to cook. Everything. I read cookbooks and cooking magazines like they’re going out of style. And I try new recipes all of the time. My poor husband has to request eating the same thing twice. Otherwise I’ll just keep making new things. Last winter I taught myself to make bread. Now I love it. (In fact, I’m letting a batch of sourdough bread rise at this exact moment.)
But I also adore trying new crafts and skills. So I’ve ventured into soapmaking, candlemaking, graphic design, and this winter – I’m tackling sewing. Which I never thought I’d do.
Yet I can’t keep all these fun trial and error projects to myself. I want to share them with you. So keep checking back for stories about my cooking, sewing, and all-around crafting (hopefully mostly) successes and messes.
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