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How to Update a Headband with Curling Ribbon

December 29, 2010
Looking for a way to update an old headband you’ve got laying around? Why not recycle some curling ribbon or use that extra roll you’ve got in a closet to make a super cute headpiece?

First, hot glue the end of the ribbon to the underside of one end of the headband.

Wrap the ribbon around the headband. Take care to make them fairly tight so as to avoid bubble ups, but don’t worry about exact precision.

When you’ve wrapped all the way around the headband, hot glue the end of the ribbon to the underside of the headband on the other side. Don’t worry if the underside is a little bubbled up. You won’t feel it when wearing the headband. I guess unless you’re super sensitive. 😉

Next, curl small pieces of ribbon into curlicues. Gather them into a bundle. Using a small piece of ribbon (curl this one, too), wrap it around the center of the bundle and knot.

Hot glue the ribbon bundle to the top of the headband. Off center it a bit for flair, or cover over a spot you may have bubbled up on.

And bam! One super simple and cute headband. Try experimenting with different colors for a different feel. The gold ribbon makes it a little classy, but bright pink would give it a completely new look.

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  1. January 6, 2011 10:06 pm

    That would be such a cute topper to a present for a little girl!! Great idea.

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