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Setting Goals – with Free Printable

January 7, 2011
I am a firm believer in having goals. It’s how we get things accomplished. Plus, a goal is one of the few things in life that allows for endless variety. They can be short term, long term, be personal or work-related, about your health or simply about personal growth. Set a goal to save some money, lose weight, or learn a new skill. Here are my tips on setting goals as well as a free printable goal worksheet to help you set your own and achieve them:
1. Narrow your goal down. “Lose Weight” is ambiguous. “Lose 15 Pounds” is much more specific and thus more achievable.
2. Set a deadline. Is it short term or long term? Write down when you want to have this goal achieved.
3. List the necessary steps, in order. This is obvious. How will you achieve your goal?
4. Write down potential obstacles. What could stand in the way of your accomplishing your specific goal? If your goal is to lose weight, maybe you look around your house and notice you make a pie every day. Could be a problem. So also write down what you’ll do to overcome your obstacles.
5. Give yourself a reward. What will you get besides the feeling of satisfaction after achieving your goal? If you’ve lost weight, maybe you could get some new clothes. Celebrate learning a new language by taking a trip to a country where that language is spoken. This reward is going to help you press on toward your goal, so make it a good one.
6. Commit to it. Sign and date your goal worksheet. This particular step will ensure that you feel committed to accomplishing your goal.
And don’t forget to get your free printable Goal worksheet. It has places for writing down all of these steps to help you set your goal.
Now, I just need to fill out my own worksheet….
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  1. January 8, 2011 3:32 pm

    Great tips! Thanks for stopping over at maryjanes and galoshes.Taylor

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