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My Dog Lexy

February 10, 2011

So I don’t have kids. At least not ones that aren’t completely covered in hair. I just have my dog Lexy.
She’s my baby. A yorkie/pomeranian/poodle/who know’s what mix, Lexy is 5 years old. She basically has yorkie coloring, but giant ears, and a long tail. Her siblings are much bigger and have totally different coloring and hair. She’s the runt.

Lexy has always been small. Now she’s about six or seven pounds, and she’ll probably not get any bigger. Some people call her kinda homely because she has the world’s longest legs (she can jump at least three and a half feet in the air), but she’s super skinny. Her personality wins everyone over, though.
Her favorite activities are playing – she loves fetch and tug-of-war – as well as looking out the window all day long. Lexy also goes crazy for a walk. She has the unfortunate habit of running by people sitting on the couch and licking their ears. I can’t seem to break her of it.
And here’s one final photo to give you an example of her personality:

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  1. February 10, 2011 8:27 pm

    Sooo cute! I only have a furry kid too. Lexi isn't homley at all. Seh looks very soft!

  2. February 10, 2011 9:21 pm

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  3. February 10, 2011 11:49 pm

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  4. February 11, 2011 4:21 am

    I had 3 furry kids then decided to have a hairless one. I love them all equally even though one is much more demanding that the rest.New follower from the Type A Thursday Blog Hop

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