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Maxi Dress Inspiration: Tutorials, Patterns, and Tips

May 10, 2011

Hey all! Today I’m guest blogging over at Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! She’s hosting a fantastic summer of no pants. And to get it all started, she’s having a series of articles with reviews, tutorials, and inspiration. Go check it out all month!

But I wanted to share with you my post, too:
Maxi dresses seem to be everywhere this year. First popular in the ’70s as “hippie” dresses, now even celebrities are sporting these full and flowing dresses.
They’re perfect for summer. Imagine a hot and sticky day where everyone is feeling all gross and there you are: fresh and fantastic in your maxi dress.
Tutorials and patterns are a little hard to find online, though. I’ve spent some (read: quite a lot) time locating some very pretty examples. 
Waves Maxi Dress by Shalyn at ars gratia artis
This doesn’t have a super-detailed tutorial, but it does have a little diagram and step-by-step instructions. What I love is that this dress isn’t just one giant balloon. Instead, the top portion is fitted, and straps could be added. The fullness is only in the skirt. It’s simple and sassy for summer.
DIY Maxi Dress by Mimi Goodwin – shown here by Mi’Yata
Perfect tutorial for those of us who need a lot of instruction! Mimi has created a detailed video showing how to craft a maxi dress using a dress form. She makes it look so simple and easy, and she comes out with a beautiful dress.

Maxi Dress for Summer by Cheebz
As I said, it became a bit difficult to find tutorials and inspiration online. But looking around on the Craftster community boards, I found this gorgeous example. I love the stylized top that mimics a bolero. This is a great dress for people who don’t just want to be hanging out all over the place but still looking stylish. On page two of the thread she provides tips and pattern suggestions.

Regency Era Inspired Dress PDF Pattern. Empire Waist Dress. Hippie Chic. Maxi Dress. Romantic Maternity  Dress. Obi Belt. Lace Cuffs. Lace Necklace.
Regency Era Inspired Dress PDF Pattern by Lilies O Valley
OK, so this one is a bit of a stretch as a maxi dress, but I found its unique perspective refreshing. After all, who hasn’t wanted to be a character in a Jane Austen novel? I really imagine this as a great maxi dress style for a summer party.
Dots Invasion Dress by AnaJan at Burdastyle
I absolutely love the use of bright colors in this dress. It’s also more form-fitting than a lot of maxi dresses, which makes it nice for shorter people (no sense making yourself appear shorter). Playing around with patterns and colors is a great way to welcome the bright days of summer. Plus, it’s a free pattern.
Not sure you can wear a maxi dress because you’re too short/tall/fat/skinny? Try these tips by christdean on Hub Pages. Learn what to look for or modify based on your body type.
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